Who takes longer to grow up BOYS or GIRLS and why?


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Girls develop physically and psychologically ahead of boys. In fact they tend to be born more mature physically, than boys. Some of this has to do with what happens in the womb in that boys' development lags behind girls from the start. It takes some extra steps in vitro to create a male fetus. For your information, both boys and girls aren't fully matured until about 25 years old.
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Physically about the same but girls mature much faster than boys for some reason
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Boys since they are immature and have testoterone while us girls do not have any testoterone at all.
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Boys definatly take a longer time to mature, if you havent noticed boys are so immature. But growing wise, boys grow faster.
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Boys because girls are more mature.

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Well actually...
1. Girls start
2. Boys start
3. Girls stop
4. Boys stop

I don't know why, maybe something w/ hormones...whatever those are =)

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