Every one must journey the path they have chosen . If we changed one small thing in our past, (had iced tea instead of cola at lunch last Thursday) would that truly affect our path?thour


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
No, a small detail doesnt derail a major journey
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Lynne Dwyer answered
That's a bit of a oxymoron question. If you chose the path, and you follow it. It would be your path. Having ice tea over cola....is the path you chose. Only you can choose the path. Circumstances may change the turns and detours, but it is ultimately your will and determination, that get you down the path of your goals.
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Duane Bryant answered
But suppose you drank a bottles of Chivas Regal instead of the cola for lunch.  You might have come to the end of the path and the journey.  Walk down the road with just one small pebble in your shoe and tell me it doesn't make a difference.  A friend of mine was in Viet Nam on patrol and the platoon took a break to eat.  For some unknown reason, he saw a spot he liked better and went over, sat down and ate.  A mortar hit right in the middle of his platoon and he was the only survivor.  "It's a long and winding road".
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Karen answered
Not really...the journey continues. The train does not derail because it ran over a cigarette butt.

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