Cut the crap make a new start? What would you life to do differently?


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What would I like to do differently? Nothing..I'm happy that I'm not perfect , I'm proud of my mistakes and I'm glad to have regrets..theres not a single thing I would change..8)...(but if it meant to get shane...)
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Nicole answered
I would like to change the things I do and say sometimes I say things and don't mean them and I wish I could take them all day but what can you do now nothing so life must go on
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catherine adams
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Hi Nicole, yep, we all say things we regret, and it's difficult to hold back sometimes. But it is worthwhile re-visiting and saying - I didn't mean it that way, I'd like to say what I really meant, or I did it in haste, sorry. It all helps and its good for our wellbeing too. Brave answer.

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