What is there in life that is special? Coz i believe my life sucks?


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alicia grayham Profile
alicia grayham answered
Life is special when you do successful or great things , such as for example helping you mom out with the chores , or doing something which is postive . Yeah life sucks but it would be beautiful again but only if you make it that way.
hannah oguin Profile
hannah oguin answered
My life sucks to! My best friend has cancer, my parents fight and I don''t have anybody to talk to. I don't know what is special about my life. My family? They are special. But I do know someday I will have something special happen to me in my life
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Life is where you find yourself and help yourself to become successful.
Marlene Profile
Marlene answered
The little things:
1. GOOD music
2. Nature; breezy fall days
3. Home; when it's clean and every chore is done :)
things like that :D
Jenna Ramaldo Profile
Jenna Ramaldo answered
Don't worry something in life always makes you feel bad. But try listening to the song "Live Like You Were Dying" By Tim McGraw. It could give you some ideas of what to do.
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Abby Toejam answered
My life sucks too. I find myself talking to inanimate objects because of how lonely I get.
Can you spell desperate?
I don't know what special is.

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