What is human relation?


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A human relation is an association that can occur between two or more people in either the long or short term. It can be based on any number of factors such as love, business, solidarity or another type of social commitment.

The context of these relations can be from family, friendships, marriage, or places of worship. Human relations can be regulated by laws, society as a whole, mutual agreement, or customs of the society they are a part of.

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The word human relation most often invokes images of a department in a business that handles the hiring and firing of employees of the firm. Most of the larger firms in industrialized countries have such a department and there are even college programs that prepare people for positions in this department.

To have a position in this department takes someone who is not shy around people and feels comfortable interviewing people up close and personal. They are trained in what to look for in the words of potential workers and what to look for in their body language as well.

The success of people in the human relations department depends greatly on the performance of the people they hire. This is especially true in high profile human relations jobs such as a general manager of a professional baseball team.

If the people they hire do well, they get a great deal of credit and most often get a raise in pay. If the people they hire do poorly, many of these high profile management people will pay with their jobs. 

This is also true to an extent in the business world as some of the most important assets a company has today is their people. If they perform well, the human relations professionals that hired and recruited them will receive credit for a job well done.

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