Describe in 150 words a challenge you faced, how u managed it and the end result of your approach?


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One challenge took by an individual was that of finding the way from their hometown to a previously unknown area. It was a challenge because they were unsure of how to get there and were unfamiliar with the roads and alternative travel routes. The person completed the challenge by traveling in a car with a map of the area. They regularly consulted the map to ensure they were heading in the right direction. If they ever took a wrong turn, they would navigate back to the planned route, sometimes stopping to ask those passing by for directions. Eventually, they found the area and their challenge was completed. The end result was that they had made it to their final destination. The challenge they faced required thought and good navigation skills; they displayed these qualities in order to be successful.

  • What to do when facing a challenge
When facing a challenge, whether it is a road trip, examination or physical activity, the first thing to do is get prepared. Think about everything you will need to complete to challenge, and consider any mental or physical training that must take place in order to be successful. If possible, you should practice completing your challenge before facing the real thing. When it comes to the day of your challenge, keep a straight head and hold your nerve. Focus all your energies upon completely the challenge and make sure you put all of your effort into it.
  • What to do if you don't think you're ready

If you think you are unable to complete the challenge at hand, remember that it wouldn't have been presented to you if you didn't have to ability to do it. As long as you put in preparation and effort, and take advantage of help available, you are sure to succeed in the challenge that lies ahead.

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