Why won't some people date their own race? This is an insult to their culture.


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Who said it is an insult to thier Culture? You,people should date who they want to date throwing the race card in is plain old Pot stirring,
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Because its sooooo Borrrrrrinnnng =P we need a lil mix here and there ;)
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Tony Newcastle
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Or, as Michael Jackson sang, in BLACK AND WHITE:
".......I've seen the bright get duller; I'm not going to spend my life being a color...."
jamie wise
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Haha exactly =D
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Arthur Wright answered
Not really as in many cases its not their fault they fell for someone not of their race because they found this other person more interesting than their own kind. Things just happen in this world that defy explanation but yet still exist
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Tony Newcastle answered
I once dated my own race.....
In 19...., I won the school egg-and-spoon race for the first time, and I was so surprised with my own efforts that I went home and wrote down the date of the accomplishment so that I would never forget it.

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