Does Anyone Else Like To Go Out Cross-Dressing In Public?


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Oscar De La Huerte Profile
I've been out cross-dressing a few times too, and my girlfriend was also present at the time!

I think it's great that you, and so many people out there, are open-minded and enthusiastic about exploring different aspects of gender and sexuality.

I know this might upset a few conservative Republicans out there, but I genuinely feel it's really important for all of us to get in touch with both our masculine and feminine sides.

Cross-dressing in public Cross-dressing can be a complex subject from some people to understand - and a lot of people immediately associate cross-dressing with homosexuality.

Whilst there are certainly quite a few gay cross-dressers and drag queens out there, you don't have to be gay to enjoy dressing up in women's clothes.

In fact, I feel it is very healthy to put your feet in the shoes of the opposite sex (even if those shoes happen to be 5 inch glittery-red stilettos!).

Why I enjoy cross-dressing Cross-dressing certainly attracts people's interest and attention, and if you do it well, it can be rather funny to see straight guys checking you out - completely unaware of what equipment you're carrying down below!

The only warning I'd give you is to make sure you're cross-dressing in a safe environment. We might be in the 21st century, but there are also plenty of backward, insecure, and intolerant people out there.

Cross-dressing should be all about fun, so make sure you have fun safely!
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Samamtha Harpet answered

yes every opportunity I get in spring and summer . I will put on panties a bra and skinny Jean's with a nice tshirt.

Brittany Schlatt Profile
Yeah, I like wearing guy's clothes. I love shirts, hoodies, some shorts, and hats.
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Lee Jay
Lee Jay commented
Good for you Brittany ... It is fun, isn't it? But as a girl it isn't as obvious as it is for us boys so do you get any reactions when you wear guy clothes? As a guy, even though I am pretty androgynous (leaning to the feminine) I certainly do. Not from everyone but quite a few ...
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Chris S. answered
I wore a dashiki once when I was stoned.
And also went out on Halloween dressed as a woman when I was a bit drunk.

Either I'm clearly in denial or I need to be intoxicated to do so.
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Lee Jay
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That's cool ... Hopefully you don't need to be intoxicated or a bit drunk to enjoy and have fun being crossdressed. If you do enjoy dressing as and being the opposite gender, well why not ... It is fun, don't you think?
Chris S.
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Well the reactions are fun, the reactions of other people.
Lee Jay
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I agree Chris .. The looks that often come over their faces when they notice and especially when, they don't want to stare, but their eyes keep coming back, usually to my crotch with no visible male bulge ... That is a hoot!
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jayjay miller answered
Yes, I have. I was walking with my friend and this guy honked at me - it felt soo great! It was also fun.
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Lee Jay
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That's cool and yes I've been whistled at. But a couple times I've been gropped by lesbians ... That was also fun.
Mike J
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Try not to get too detailed, kids are on this site guys.

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