Can an alcoholic that stops drinking lose their libido?


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Hi, I'm 60 years old, retired several years ago from a highly stressful and successful career. I have drank heavily every day since I was in my late 20's and my sexual drive was just as heavy. This past summer after realizing that a half liter of whiskey/day was just interfering with my life and health more than I wanted, I quit. I'm tolerant of the abstinence issues, but my libido has dropped to nearly zero. It's not my spouse of 4o years, it's me, and I can't understand that something that occupied my every day and meant so much to me is gone. My doctor says I'm healthier than I have been in years, but I've lost a part of me. My wife is confused and asks me what she can do to help (I don't say it to her, but asking me doesn't help). I have researched that while loss of libido is a common occurrence with men who have quit heavy drinking, there are no easy or even difficult solutions.  My plan is to be patient at this time and enjoy my sobriety.

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