If A Girl Yawns When You Are Talking. Are You Boring Her ?


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I honestly don't think so. It could also mean she feels tired and feels relaxed and trusting enough in your company not to have to hide it.

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No baby it doesn't mean you bore her!! It means she's fked from staying up with you all night making love to you!! I'll be walking funny in the morning lol xxxxxx
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Not if she says sorry
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I yawn and I don't mean to. Its because us girls don't get enough sleep from always dreaming about you guys(:
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Most likely.  Did you think she wanted to know about your polished high rise quadrajet manifold?  

(Okay, I'm kidding...sort of...)

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This answer is frikin funny,btw what are quadrajet manifolds??
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Hehe Funny Words!!!!! What The Hell Is High Rise Quadrajet Manifold You Boffin!!!!
I Iz Peter Pan's Pa :p
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YES I think it does) I would feel like she's just not interested in what I'm talking about. And I would feel like I'm wasting my time talking to her..but everyone is different. That's really. Up to you. And how do you fell about it.  I think you're boring her,,
but this is just what I think,,   take care

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