What's The Most Popular Color For Braces?


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you shall put green,pink,or blue!
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I think that really comes down to a personal preference with who is getting the braces, and whether or not the color looks good on them. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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When I got my braces put on they told me that black, white, and yellow makes your teeth appear dirty. And gray and brow is ok but doesn't look that great. My favorite colors that I had with my braces was a sky blue or torques and a lime green or a darker green.
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Green and pink is what I might choose or it will be blue and pink
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I'm getting braces in like 4 days, and I went on a color planner. Here's the link. I thought that this helped, and I decided (I'll probably change my mind within the next 4 days) but for now I think it's going to be teal on the top and violet on the bottom. I'll hopefully let you know how it turns out! Good luck!
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Hmmm... Don't get any yellows or whites or off whites.. They can make your teeth look weird especially in pics lol. Umm clear is cool. Unless you want a bright color id go with hot pink. It's the best color there is :) hope this helps hun
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How about something that matches or enhances your eyes.
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But my eye color is brown so its kinda hard to match my brace color to them :)
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Then you would need a contrast, like pink, blue or green
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I got your back on this rating dear.
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Don't ever get real green. Like leaf green. I got that once and for the next month I looked like I was walking around with spinach or lettace in my teeth. It was the most retarded think I've ever done. For the next 6 years I only got silver. It matches the brackets and doesn't make your teeth look dirty or anything.

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