Wal-Mart rewards high performers with the chance to model or choose a family member to model, for their sales flyers. Wal-Mart is attempting to meet associate's ____ needs?


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Also their wage needs. Offering of bonuses, titles, and intangibles are a common way of managing employee expectations. Walmart is no exception.

Okay, the choices didn'' show when I posted the above. Let me amend that to say, choice C, belonging-ness. One is ask to be involved or have family involved in the "insider" ad campaign that will be viewed by other employees and their families. Thus those associations will be reinforced. Typically, an employer managing shift workers will hesitate to offer Ego or esteem gratifying rewards as those tend to subject the beneficiary to real or imagined resentment from fellow employees - a big negative as far as teamwork and group think goes. Some employees will even reduce performance to avoid such singling-out recognition. Walmart is also well aware that for those only able or willing to except low wages it is the "we're all family" and belonging-ness sentiments that best provides countervailing employee satisfaction.

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