What are the factors that encourage youth to engage in sexual behaviour?


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Young people rarely need much encouragement to engage in sexual behaviour as it is natural hormones which make sexual behaviour appealing to them. This can often have negative consequences as their bodies may be physically ready for sexual behaviour but it can take a while longer until they are mentally ready which can lead to a confusing conflict within themselves.
Society today is often blamed for an increase in sexual behaviour in young people. In the western world, we are surrounded by sexual imagery in everything from music videos, TV shows, movies, newspapers, songs and particularly in advertising. Advertising is designed to send subconscious messages to the receivers and when the tactic of ‘Sex Sells’ is included in the advert, the viewers subconsciously flooded with sexual connotations without even realising it.
Fashion is becoming increasing important to young people and fashion has always been wrapped up in sexuality and attractiveness. Young people are feeling increasing pressure to be attractive and wear ‘the right clothes’ and this all leads back to be ‘sexy’ and ‘sexually attractive’, no matter what age you are.
It has been found that sexually attractive people are more successful in all aspects of their life which is why young people want to follow in their footsteps and appear sexually attractive themselves.
We also live in a society where sex and sexuality is openly spoken about. Thirty years ago, sex was a taboo subject that would never be discussed in public, but these days it is openly analysed, discussed or joked about on daytime TV and the radio. This openness and casual relationship that many people develop with sex can encourage young people to engage in sexual behaviour because it is often seen as less of a big deal when it is so openly discussed and in comparison to the days where it was rarely spoken about.
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Because they think they're grown. And for the girl side they think if they do that with a boy they really like that he'll like her even more. And the guys side that's all they ever look for in a girl and that's just something to brag about. And once they start kissing they start making out and then it just goes up the scale because once you're past a certain level there's no going back.
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Young people have less impulse control than adults. Morals and values taught by parents and or church can impose self restraint.

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