What Encourage Youth To Engage In Drugs?


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Mainly boredom, and peer pressure
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The removing of the ten commandments form schools,the removing of God from society,the taking away of the right of parents to beat the bad out of their chitlins. : ) just kiiding on the last part well maybe. : ) hahaha.society/the law has taken away the rights of the parents to raise their own children/or should I say correct their children and now you have this question you just asked. In other words as the old saying goes if my chiltin was doing drugs he or she would quit instantly o ri would as the old saying goes I would take them out of the world I brought them into.: ) just kiiding well maybe not. In othwer words if society is given the right to decide what is okay for your chiltins then they can take resposibility for the way they turn out. : ). In other words if society want s ot tell parents how to raise their own then society can raise them and now you see why kids are doing drugs,having sex outside of marriage,stealing ,killing and destroying theirs and others lives.let's put this way a study just released showed chitlins raised by both parents in a family unit are 7 times less likely to do drugs and many other things they normally would not do if they didn't have that input in thier lives.in other words when parents are their to correct their behaviour then they will not be doing these and many other things that can mess up the rest of their life. : )
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I know my spelling is off, but you get the idea if you can read. : )
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The laws that say its illegal. You know something funny happens every time a country legalizes drug use. For about the first year to two years after a country legalizes drugs, the number of known users soars upwards. Although these aren't really new users, these are just people who are willing to admit they use drugs. Anyways after the first year to second year something funny happens. The number of drug users dramatically declines. This evidence shows that it is actually the laws that make drugs illegal that make us want to use them. This makes sense though. Think about it, when you make something a taboo, we all want to see it and know more about it. Take porn for example. In many European countries it is social norm to go to the beach or to the pool in the nude. But here in the US everyone freaks out and is overly obsessed about when someone goes out in the public nude. The only difference is that it is legal and ok over there but illegal over here. This shows that it isn't the actual physical act itself, it is the rules that make it illegal that get us interested in it.

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