Which Is Better? A Lie That Draws A Smile On One's Face Or A Truth That Bring Up Tears?


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The truth all be it harsh shall always prevail over a lie. A long time ago, nearing ten years I took a long hard look at myself. Who I was and where I was going to end up. I learned that all too often I would say what I thought people wanted to hear and rarely intend to defend my statements with any action.

What I found was I did not have any friends. Well , not any that I could count on. I had lots of friends that liked to have me around when I was around them, but none that would come to me , to be around me.

After a couple of weeks of self study, I realized I was never any better than the value of my word. Well and niether were my friends. I had become so angry that I could not count on my friends, I finally realized the type of friends I had...THEY WERE JUST LIKE ME

I then on made it a point to tell the truth. Do not exagerate, or stretch the truth. I am sure for a while I looked like a real idiot often stopping mid sentence to say " Well maybe not THAT much" or "Okay maybe not THAT fast"

Then again, after a While I started drawing more honest people around myself. I became more able to tell when peoples thoughts and words were shallow and held no meaning. I got real friends. People I could count on. People I could trust and people that also trusted me.

So yeah you might tell tall tales, or make a funny story, but after a while people can see through them and well they treat you that way. You will find your self with less trust worthy friends. Oh and heaven forbid the people you are telling tales too are around when another person exposes your tale for what it is. It is never worth the embarrassment.

With honesty will come integrity. People will trust you and stand up for you as well as with you. You will find that when your honesty precedes you, people will honor and respect you, before they ever come to know you.
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I would find that truth that brings up tears is more fulfilling than a lie that draws a smile on a person's face, which will inevitably be hurting more than one person in the end. Honesty is always the best policy, dear Charming, no matter how badly it might hurt. It does help to be a bit softer with your words at times, however; unless you intend to hurt them, that is.
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I think positive truth, otherwise, I would just keep my mouth shut.
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I think its better to tell the truth then to put on a fake smile
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The truth is always right and done at the right time. Sometimes people know your sense of humor and know you are joking and it is not really lying because it's obvious what is the truth.
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Simple answer- truth that brings tears to the eyes but a smile to the heart is the best.....a lie is a lie is a lie.....even if used to spare someone hurt at the time it is told.....wow! Where did that come from
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The truth cannot be hidden it will always surface and the longer that it is repressed the greater the issues associated with its revelation and the deceptions associated with its repression.
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The answer to this question can't be put in terms of black and white.  Truth is generally the more admirable course to follow, yet there are times when it serves little or no purpose.  There are those times when it can cause unnecessary pain.  I believe in honesty, but discretion should go along with it.  That's the idea behind the "little white lie".  Sometimes it's preferable to the unvarnished truth.   
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I always go for the truth, because when they find out you lied it could bring more than tears.
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Well, I'd rather not be lied to, but words aptly spoken are apples of gold (Proverbs).  There is something to be said about tact, and speaking the truth IN LOVE.
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Its better to tell the truth... Even if it brings a tear. I hate when someone lies to me, no matter how small a lie it is... In my book there ARE no small lies.
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The lie that brings a smile, will bring tears when the truth is revealed.  I'll go for the truth that brings up tears because after all the tears have dried, the heart that got hurt will be grateful for being told the truth.  
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Charming Gurl
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Yes you're right like everyone else. But you think how many of us people say the truth that bring tears instead of a lie that brings a smile?
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I think that the intensity of keeping a secret a secret tells of how delicate is the secret and that is what brings more grief. People lie for for small and big matters, for important and unimportant matters. I prefer to tell the truth or honestly say, "I cannot tell you at this time" because timing is really important in revealing and keeping information.

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