I Am Take To Leave My Brother Marriage How Can To Write My Boss?


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I  Am Take To Leave My Brother Marriage How Can To Write My Boss? From 24 th to 27th May .plz tel me..
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Hi Anand, I'm not sur what your company policy is for different types of leave...However, try something like this...

Dear ,,,,,
My brother is getting married on______and I'll be grateful if you will authorise ______one week's leave. I have ------ x days left of my annual holiday, and will need an addition xxxxx days leave ------
And, does your brother live in a different city, or country, for you might need to say something about why a week, unless it is out of your holidays. So it's quite a long time for what's called 'leave of absence' for emergencies....
Well hope useful Anand -
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I hereby wish to apply for leave on 1/07/2010 and 02/07/2010 (Thursday and Friday Night) for the occasion of   my brother marriage.
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Just put in writing requesting how much time, dates and reason but give him some notice so hes not shorthanded at work too

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