How Long After A Funeral Is The Will Read Eg One Week Or More?


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The will of the deceased can be read at any point after the person has passed away. This can depend on where the will is kept and who looks after it. If the will has been written by a solicitor and they have looked after it, you can make an appointment for all of the people concerned to come to the reading of the will. This could take time depending on the solicitor's timetable and the availability of your family members to attend the reading.

A solicitor must verify the will and prove to the attendees that the will was witnessed by them, signed by the deceased and also witnessed by another party. Most solicitors will advise that the witness should be someone that is known to the family and the person that has passed away but not a main beneficiary of the will. This helps to reduce any speculation around why the will and possessions have been distributed in the way that they have.

The items in the will must be transferred to the relevant parties and this part of the process can take some time. This is so that they can be checked, properties can be sold, savings and bank accounts can be informed and also so that the debts of the deceased can be assessed so that any monies owed can be passed on to the relevant parties. This way the beneficiaries will not receive any money or possessions that are owed and they will not have to pay up themselves.

The amount of time after a death, before a will is read will really depend on the individual circumstances and all cases are different. If you think that this is taking too long, do visit the solicitor that holds the will to find out what the delay is.

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