Is It True That White Girls Are Easy?


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Stereotypes are just generalities. Some white girls are easy, some black girls are easy. Depends on the girl and it depends on you. I wasn't easy at all.
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I am not being racist so please do not take my question and comment this way, it is a comment coming from observation and cultural emersion.

Are you South Asian?

Often times people mistake what they see on TV for reality.  

Although I do not see much of a difference amongst cultures in female sexual behavior or male behavior for that matter.   We are all humans after all and we all have a libido and sexual desires.  The significant difference I see is in the freedom of expression of the behavior or the socially acceptable from culture to culture.   So basically whether persons feel comfortable  discussing or talking about sex or whether it is strictly kept behind closed doors.  Some cultures are more conservative than others, but basically when it comes down to it, whatever goes down behind closed doors is all the same no matter where you are from or where in the world you are.

One pieced of advice I would give is that you will certainly make a fool of yourself if you expect "white girls" to throw themselves at you or behave like "girls gone wild"...those are more like "girls gone drunk" or "girls gone on drugs"

Good Luck and happy hunting!
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Only the ones with low self esteem.and it may be fun at first but than it will get really old fast.
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why would you want to ask that kind of question, that's mean if you think about any woman that way, it shouldn't matter what race she is, do go with someone because they are easy. Doesn't that tell you something about yourself, is it hard for you to take advantage of a easy white girl.
Don't go though your life wanting to take advantage of woman learn to respect yourself and them okay, if you don't you will be making a living hell for yourself down the road.
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That a stereotype it doesn't matter if you are blk,white,Spanish, Indian etc there  are easy girl everywhere so to single out just white girls is not right....but its all depends on the female there are those who are a challenge and don't give in like that so its all on the female I agree with Suzeorman answer also....
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No not all are easy and those who are usually get left on the shelf after the guys had his easy fix  he'll move on to another harder conquest
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I think so
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I think it depends on the person not the race. It also could depend on how much you like the guy. Say if you like him a lot you might be more willing to have sex than with a guy you kinda like.
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It all depends on the individual,but I find that white girls give in far to easy if its a black guy they intend sleeping with
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Well , I don't think that the color of their skin has a point for the to girl become hard or easy! It's something personal not color of skin!
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Uh, no way! Yes, some white girls are easy, but so are girls from every other race. I am a white girl and I'm not easy, that is a stupid stereotype.
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Deffinately not anyone can be easy anyone can wait it doesn't matter what colour her skin is as to what she will be like everyone is different
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In most Arabic / Muslim countries, you can't even go on a date with someone of the opposite sex.  So, when people from those countries come to the west, and see the differences between  their customs / culture and ours, white girls might seem easy.  And, some girls find foreign boys different and exotic, so they are attracted to them, again, making them seem easy in comparison.
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I'm not white so I would not know,but it all depends on that person. But just because a girl might be white does not mean date she will be easy.

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