Is Josh Hutcherson Gay?


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Josh Hutcherson is not gay, but he is a fervent supporter of gay rights.

He's been involved with various gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender support groups - and has even received an award from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
Is Josh Hutcherson gay?
Although The Hunger Game's star Josh Hutcherson is not gay, it's easy to see why some people have become confused about his sexuality.

Hutcherson is particularly vocal about his support of gay rights, and this has led many people to believe that he is in fact a homosexual himself.

However, the reason Josh is so passionate about gay rights has nothing to do with his own sexuality. He lost two gay uncles to HIV Aids very early on in his life, and his entire family has been involved in supporting gay charities and causes ever since.

For anyone who doubts Josh's sexuality, I'd ask them to consider this: If Josh is comfortable being affiliated with gay rights groups, wouldn't that also suggest that he'd be comfortable enough to announce his sexuality if he really was gay?

Add to this the fact that Josh has been linked to a number of very attractive young females (including Vanessa Hudgens and Victoria Justice) - and this suggests he's got great taste in women, rather than in men!
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There is no reason to think so - he has certainly had girlfriends. Also he has never claimed to be gay, but has publicly supported gay rights, so if he were gay we can assume that he would be quite happy to say so.

That may be where the rumours started - or maybe because Josh greatly admires Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake isn't gay either, but some people think he is because of Brokeback Mountain.)
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Sure, he is gay.
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Of course he's not gay!

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