Is james maslow gay?


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Sarah Devine answered
If he is, he hasn't come out yet and is in denial to himself. It seems that his appearance is suggestive of homosexuality but in reality, it is probably just a case of being young, fairly good looking, famous and rich.

  • Previous relationships
James Maslow has had a famous relationship with Miranda Cosgrove who is known for her career in pop and acting. Californian Maslow was born in 1990 and so despite his growing celeb status, he is still very young when it comes to relationships.

  • Who is James Maslow?
The young star is known for his role as James Diamond in the hit Nickelodeon show, Big Time Rush. As a result of the show, he is also in a boy band with the same name in which, he plays a variety of instruments. Though he primarily sings, Maslow also plays guitar, piano and drums. The first time Maslow appeared on TV was in the 2008 show iSaw Him First.

  • Music career
Songs James Maslow and Big Time Rush are known for songs City Is Ours, Any Kind Of Guy, Shot In The Dark and Stuck. The album was released in 2010 and managed to sell a whopping 67000 copies in just the first week of the release.
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Jennifer Wade answered
No he is not a gay, this sort of rumors were and still are around us but he is a straight.
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Sarah Maslow answered

James Maslow is certainly not gay. Everywhere is he referred to as male. He is plainly a rich and handomes young actor,singer-songwriter,dancer and model who's instruments are piano-he is an excellent piano player- and vocals though he also plays the guitar and drums.

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