Is Lucas Cruikshank Gay?


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Um... I think it's a little early to ask that question. I mean he's only in highschool. Statistically, 90% of highschool students will confirm their sexuality at senior year and 30% of those will discover that they are actually the other sexuality. If you wanted you could call him a closet gay, I mean he does have a feminine vocal tone pattern, reverse hair whorl, and sensitivity comparable to an 8 year old, yet he states on his myspace profile that he's straight, and his "I Love You Beth Cooper Moment" was that he had a crush on his middle school teacher(female).  I wouldn't call label him as "gay," "straight," "bisexual," or "unsure" just yet. Remember: He's still 16 =)
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Well let's see;
He stated on his myspace profile that he's straight, he confessed that he took a liking to his middle school teacher(, and on the episode of icarly he guest starred, he asked miranda for a kiss(didn't happen though).
BUT! In argumentative controversy;
according to gender mapping his homosexuality is confirmed due to the outcomes of almost all tests, which are reverse hair whorl(, effeminite vocal tone(, body language, facial proportions, sense of fashion, and what seems to be shyness comparable to an 11 year old(note: I know he's been on tv like a million times, but read into his facial expressions and body language).
Point being that if in fact he is gay, straight, bisexual, or unsure, take into account that as a highschooler his hormones could do anything to his orientation at this point.

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