How Old Is Russian Teen Model Nastia Mouse?


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The teen model Nastia Mouse is something of an enigmatic character.

Although there are several sites hosting provocative pictures of the 'teenager', neither her age nor her true identity is ever revealed!

How old is Nastia Mouse? The pictures of Nastia Mouse that are readily available over the internet cause me a certain level of concern and discomfort.

The website mainly responsible for publishing the model's images claims that she was a minor at the time these photos were taken (which suggests she's not a minor any more).

There is also a disclaimer on the site that states: "All photos on this site abide by US and International Laws and contain No Nudity."

This suggests to me that the people responsible for taking and publishing the photos of Nastia Mouse are fully-aware of the potential for controversy created by releasing pictures of the teen in provocative poses.

Is Nastia Mouse legal?
Having had a quick look at the kind of photo-shoots that Nastia Mouse is involved in, there's no denying that they all have an overtly-sexual theme.

However, it also seems that there is no full-on nudity involved, which might make these photos legally safe to view and own.

In my opinion, it's highly likely that Nastia Mouse is just a 'baby-faced' adult, rather than an actual minor.

However, with the amount of sexy photos available on the internet (of verifiable adults), it really doesn't make sense to me that people would purposely seek out images of a girl who looks as if she might be a minor!
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January 20, 1994 is her birthday.
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She's born on 24/Feb/1994.

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