Why Formal Observations Of Children Might Need To Be Carried Out?


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It depends on the kind of observation. A formal observation may occur for psychiatric or psychological reasons. Many children that have gone through trauma when they are young will have to go through some kind of psychological or psychiatric counseling, or a formal observation, to see what problems the child may be having. Psychological problems in children can become massive problems when they grow older and that's one of the main reasons that these formal observations need to be carried out. If they're not carried out then the child could become mentally ill in the future or suffer from massive psychological issues.

  • What exactly is a formal observation?
Formal observations can be made in the realms of teaching, too. Formal observations are planned well in advance with the teacher of the child in question, as well as a mentor or administrator. The lesson plan of the child will be requested, looked over and then discussed with the teacher before t he observation conference that will soon follow. All of the goals, the teaching strategies and the modifications for special needs students are just a few things that are discussed before the final observation conference.

A formal observation in terms of teaching will last roughly 45 minutes, or may just take an entire lesson - it depends on the preference of the individual. Once there has been a formal observation of this kind there will be a post observation conference that's held in order to debrief all of the strengths and weaknesses of that lesson.

As well as happening in teaching it may happen in other fields, like the medical field. A formal observation is a good look at the child and how they are coping with something, or how well they may be performing. It is simply a general over view of how well that child is doing.

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