Who Has The Fattest Ass In The World?


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The title of 'largest behind in the world' goes to Dionne Washington of Dallas, TX.

And, in a recent interview, Dionne revealed that her 'moneymaker' actually makes her close to $200,000 a year! (insert pun about sitting on a goldmine).

Who has the biggest butt in history? Whilst notable posteriors like that of Kim Kardashian and Jenifer Lopez occupy the pages of glossy magazines all around the world, Dionne Washington's behind takes up 14ft and 9 inches of actual space (that's the measurement of her behind all the way round, when taken from the widest point).

In fact, her butt is so large that is weighs an estimated 120 pounds - the same weight as Lindsay Lohan's entire body!

Although you might feel sorry for Ms. Washington (she often has problems using toilets in trains and other public spaces because of her measurements), she actually earns over $180,000 a year and has over 150,000 fans on the internet.

However, if you're thinking of emulating Dionne and competing with her in the butt-stakes, you're going to need to up your calorie intake to over 9000 calories a day.

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