Cite A Time When You Were Not Pleased With Your Performance. What Did You Do?


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There have been a number of times when I've been less than happy with my performance.

I play sports, and I can think of a number of times when I've under-performed on the basketball court as an example.

What do you do when you're not pleased with your performance?
The only thing you can do when you've put in a less-than -brilliant performance is to focus and improve.

Taking my high-school basketball experience as an example, there were a couple of games where I felt I could have played better, but didn't.

One specific example came after spring break. I had spent the entire week partying, and hadn't bothered to practice. When it came to game time, my skills were a little rusty - and this reflected on my performance.

At the end of the game, my coach pulled me up on the fact that I wasn't playing as well as I usually did - and this made me feel sad and embarrassed.

Although I wasn't pleased with my performance, my reaction was the most important part. That game made me realize that I needed to be 100% focused in the run-up to games.

Never again did I go out drinking before a game - and, no matter how busy I was with my social life, I always made sure I found time for basketball practice.
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Penny Kay answered
Ditto Aicha, I lost a debate that I had worked really hard on, it was Nixon vs. Wallace and Humphrey in 1972!

I spent too much time downing him, and lost big time... I also learned from that.
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I used to debate in my teenage years, and I used to be at the top.

I got a chance to compete with another school and I didn't do well. I was not pleased with myself. I then decided to learn debating through a formal teacher.

I took 6 months, but I became a far better public speaker.

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