Need Help With Wedding Vows What To Say?


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If you have a traditional ceremony all you have to do is repeat what the officiant says...which is still beautiful, meaningful, and true. I had him change the "obey" word...I'm not in to that. Also, I had him refer to us as husband and wife not man and wife. I think beautiful vows are based on friendship, love, honesty, family, life partnership, etc. Congratulations.
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For my vows I plan to just write a lot of different thoughts out on paper...everything I feel about him, funny times, hard times, stuff I've always wanted to say. Then I plan to organize them into maybe a poem type form. Pick things you don't mind saying in front of a crowd. And voila! Lol, hope it was a little helpful.
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I am getting married and have a six-year old daughter. Want to incorporate her into the vows to vow to make us all 3 a family. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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