What Can I Do To Stop Being Obsessed?


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I don't think there is any answer - it is a problem that I have had a few times in my life - when I was 19, 24, and then suddenly now, at 48!  Now, I'm finding it very hard, almost unbearable - but , I got through the first two, and my obsession was so strong, all-consuming, and I never thought that things would change - but they did.  Recognising the futility of an obsession really helps - it puts delusions in their place - if possible, cutting off all contact with the person is a good solution - it hurts terribly, but, in the end, it is kinder to both yourself and the other person....however, I managed to get through the second one without that, as it was not feasible anyhow....I just look back to my own experiences earlier, and it is possible to remember the intensity of the obsession - and realise that they passed - right now, I feel awful, obsessed, and not in control of my life - but this comes from ME, not them - they can't be what I want them to be, and I am obviously not what they want - sounds arrogant, but I really have a lot to offer, and if they can't see that, well.....I have so much love in my heart, and someday someone will really appreciate and accept that...also, iI know that others have been obsessed by me - I remember finding it awkward and difficult, and did things I shouldn't have done just to please I didn't have any strong feeling for them, I can understnad that my obsession might not have feelings for me - the more you state your feelings - the worse it gets!! Both for you, and them, and the negative reaction you get from them - take courage in the knowledge that all things are impermanent - which can be good (for your obsession) or bad (for your next true love) - anyhow, I got over two VERY deep obsessions, which, at the time, I never thought I would - even to the extent of genuine suicide will end, in time, don't worry - I wish I could hug you!!
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Hello, my name is chrissa, and I had the same question when I like this guy named chris, and I couldnt stop texting him, or IMing him on facebook (if you know what that means) and I didnt know if I was bothering him, or if he liked talking to me. I remember once I signed on to my friends account just so I could talk to him!

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