When Do Babies Learn To Walk?


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Barring any structural or cognitive disability, most human babies take their first independent steps between 9 and 18 months old. This is considered the "normal" range. There's nothing wrong with a baby who starts working earlier, though. They cannot hurt themselves by walking too young. A very young baby learning to walk will be considerably mobile than he was before (even if he seemed like a champ crawler or bottom-shuffler). So he will need protecting from his own ignorance of the world.

Most babies who don't walk until after 18 months don't have anything wrong with them, either. Some babies are just not too bothered, or may indeed be champion crawlers. However, if your baby isn't walking by 18 months, it's worth having a word with your health visitor to get a referral (to a pediatric consultant) into the system. By the time you get the appointment through, your child will probably be toddling about, anyway.
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My son started walking at 10 months old (was he ever a terror)
his doctor told me that he walked early due to the fact that ever since he was born, I was shoving his cute little feet into these very adorable shoes..(they were so cute I could not resist) well anyway..he said that it takes longer for babies who do not were shoes to learn to walk cause there feet are fat, and they don't form there proper shape and its harder for them to balance
I hope this helps, and congrats on the baby!
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Only as a guide line I would say anywhere from nine months to to thirteen months. All babies are little individuals, but we have guidelines to be aware of a problem the baby may have. You may have one that walks at nine months and become potty trained before their second year. You will be equipped with maternal instincts when the baby is born, and the things you question, there are always people around who give the life history of their children. By then you will know what makes you comfortable in your baby's progress. Congrats!
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It depends on the baby no right answer..I started walking at 14 months...I had a sister 13 months older who would get everything for me..LOL
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Every baby develops at their own pace.  I know my niece started walking at Nine months.  I thought that was really early but she was getting around pretty good. 
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My son started to take his first steps by himself at 7 months old. But it took him a few more weeks to learn to use those steps to actually get going.
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One of my cousins started walking at the age of 10 months, another 14 and another 17. So I guess it depends. But what ever you do don't worry about it everything will happen when your baby wants it to happen. Some are lazy and some are not. Statistically the first child walks earlier than the second!
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My baby is 7 almost 8 months and she takes steps holding on but not independently she seems to act like she wants to walk but I'm unsure she's very smart for her age and can do a lot of things that other babies her age can't so if she shows signs that she could be just about ready should I expect it soon or not get my hopes up.
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Babies usually walk anywhere between 9 to 18 months, some a bit younger or older but it is usually within this range with most in the 11 - 14 month range.   Not sure about the person who said that the doctor told her that her baby walked at 10 months because of shoes!  I would say that shoes on such a young baby would be harmful to the soft bones on his feet and she only be worn once a baby is walking outdoors.
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All babies are different when it comes to walking. Some babies can start walking at 8month old.

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