When Do Babies Learn To Use Their Hands?


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13-15 weeks old. But you may not even notice at first.

When babies are born they know nothing. They don't even know about their own bodies. Bubba might see his hand floating around in front of his faces, but he won't really understand that that thing is part of him and that he has any control over it.

Moreover young babies have a grasp reflex, their hands automatically clutch anything small enough to fit in the palm.

You'll realise he's "discovered" his hands when you put something in his hands and it goes straight to his mouth (the most important sensory organ at this age). He'll also look at the item he's clutching. But his adroitness at handling it will continue to be very poor for a few months.

By 8 months babies should be able to hand objects from one hand to another, and to clutch things between the index finger and thumb (the "pincer" group). Babies who enjoy their pincer grips will especially like eating peas!

A finger tip grip, used to manipulate objects (turn them this way and that) may not develop until after 1 year old.
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Some Babies can use their hands before birth, you can see them sucking their fingers in their sonar-gram.  My Granddaughter was sucking her thumb before she was born and continued after birth.  Take care.
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4 can help them by holing things in front of them that they want like there bottle..
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I have a month old little boy and he has just begun to use his hands ie:(pulling hair smacking objects in front of him grabbing my face) it does help to put objects in front of them because then they see themselves hit the object and feel it and realized they did this ! Its lots of fun to watch. And he gets more control everyday.

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