I Go Red Really Easily! How Can I Stop It?


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jes meyes answered
Talk to a teacher you trust and tell him/her your issues. Talk with your teacher about how you can work together to help you overcome your fear of being picked on in large crowds. Maybe you'll feel more confident to answer questions that you already know the answer to?? Talk with your teacher and work out a plan. Good luck? :)
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Faisal Bhatti answered
Hmmm..well nothing to be worried about...just relax..it's very simple..this is all because of low level of self confidence. But you can increase it in a number of ways like
1. Try to practice the given topic as many times as possible before presenting it to the class. Because once you have strong grip on the topic, you can easily handle the questions.
2. Try to stay relax and cool and think that no one can say you anything.
3. Try to establish an eye contact with your audience while presenting, it'll help you to get hold on your audience and to grab their attention to your presentation.

I hope these tips will help you.
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I had theatre in high school, that sickening feeling never really leaves, my answer is practice, also if you know your work is good, gather all the self esteem you can. Practice breathing in your nose and out of your mouth (silently of course). Make a joke about it to the audience, this should relieve more pressure than you know. "laughter is the best medicine" sorry for going readers digest on you. Finally if the sit has calmed any great if not just accept yourself, red face and all. Good fortune

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