How Do Transsexual Hide Their Peanut?


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Kristal Smith answered
There are many ways for a male to female to hide their birth genitals. One is to use a medical tape which is very painful by the way. Another is to use a garment called a gaff. A gaff is similar to a pair of panties. They are a bit different as they often use thicker material in the crotch area.While this is still a bit painful it is better than the taping method. The third and newest way is to use a silicone prosthetic panty that holds the male parts and replicates female parts.
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Lee Jay answered
I hide my peanuts by tucking.   First I push them up into my body then pull my weener back between my legs and then hold it there by pulling up a tight fitting panty girdle.   I started doing this at first when I went to bed and sleeping that way, then after a while I started doing it during the day too.   There was no pain, like when I tried surgical tape, and now I do it wearing nothing more than tight fitting panties.
I love the look and feel of having a smooth crotch ... And I am not transsexual, but transgendered.
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Hello, Most of the time they taped it down going to the back, and they wear some kind of supports to keep everything flat as possible.
Transsexuals normally wrap their penis and wear jock straps to secure it when they are dressed accordingly.

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