Does Any Special Relationship Needed Between Male And Female?


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The relation between male and female is always a fake relationship, and in our daily life we didn't need any special relationship between male and female. The main thing which is needed to every person and individual is love and care, not more than that and specially didn't need the girl friend and boy friend relationship. If any one says he or she loves her or him, he can have a kiss or hug with him or her, but for the formal relationship marriage is best. In all religions the best type of relationship between male and female is recommended relation that is married relationship.

I will say that all the relations are good and recommended but how you can judge that the person you are going to marry, to have a real relation with him or her suits you and are correct for you. Her or she had same likings and disliking, or can adjust life accordingly. Most of the male for love and sex can sleep when lights are on but not all women sleep when lights are on for sex and love. It isn't like if one say that they will adjust the small issues, if big issues came then what will they do. So I recommend relation between male and female without lust is fair.
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Well there is relationship between every other person in this world. This world is based on the relationships. Then a male and female also need, and have a relationship. This relation ship can of different types, like friendship between a girl and a boy. male and female can love each other.

If you are asking about the relationship related to sex, then no its not must that two male and female must develop a relationship of sex between them. But if they want to do sex and want this type of relationship then there is not any restriction. Male and female can only be a friend of each other. But mostly its not possible that if a male and female both are so much close to each other and they don't do sex. It is a natural feeling, which both, male and female feel.

If they are very good friends and visit each other homes also, then they will talk at some extent but after some time, they will must have this special relationship.
If someone don't need this relationship then one can avoid this, but it's a natural thing and every human being need it in their life. It's the physical need of our body, which we can't stop. If someone says that, he/she doesn't need that relationship, then that person is lying to herself/himself.

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