How Love Is Expressed In China?


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In China, it is less common to say 'I love you' as a way of expressing love for someone else. Instead, more informal phrases such as 'wo xihuan ni' (which translates into 'I like you') tend to be used. In Chinese the word 'ai' is commonly used to illustrate the concept of love. This can be used as both a verb, when saying I love you, or as a noun, when talking about love.
In terms of actions, love is very much a universal concept and can be demonstrated in China just as it is in any other part of the world. This could be with kind words, romantic gestures or hugs and kisses. That said, the Chinese people are not fond of displays of public affection, particularly those of the older generation.
  • Love and marriage in the Chinese culture
Although the Chinese nation is not a strictly religious one, most marriages are prearranged. The parents of the bride and groom agree in advance that their children will be married. They believe that love is something that grows after marriage, rather than before it. Most Chinese people are happy with this custom and unwilling to go against the wishes of their parents. More modern Chinese families are willing to let their children marry as they choose, and have relationships before marriage as in Western society.

  • Having children in China
Famously, China has a one child policy due to its excessively large population. Each married couple is allowed to have one child - or more specifically, one birth, as children born in multiple births are allowed. If a woman became pregnant after already having a child, she may be forced to put it up for adoption. This deters most couples from trying for a second baby.

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