Is Poverty Is The Main Cause Of Child Labour?


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Poverty is the chief cause of child labour. In a poor family, every one has to work as every extra contribution helps. However, many children work because of lack of other opportunities; schooling might be inadequate or too expensive or not available. The largest number of child workers is in Asia, in some countries they make up more than 10 percent of the labour force.

Child labour is very common in India and Pakistan and can be culminated thought eradication of poverty. Most of the people who are drug addicts or commit suicide belong to the poor classes because poverty makes them psychological patients. Poverty degenerates it corrupts moral, dulls thinking and chills emotions. It provokes crimes and breeds mischief.

Parents compelled by poverty and hunger send their children to kiln-owners, carpet manufacturers and motor mechanics etc, where they work as bonded labour. They are paid little and quite often beaten mercilessly by the employers who provide no healthcare or any other facility.

The vicious circle of poverty forces the hungry parents to send their kids to places where they get on the job training. In such activities the apprentices are paid a small stipend as well. Child labour is one of the causes of poverty as it brings down the overall wage-level.
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As far as me povertyis not the main of child labour because it is a lot causes contribute from this phenomenon such as ; family problemes , Ignorance of parents , polychildren ( brothers and sisters) illitracy and inrresponsabiliti of parents .

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