What Is A Family?


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Family is a name given to a group living together. They have legal relationship with one another. All of them have blood relation with one another. They are members of a same group. They belong to same caste. A family came into being by the two individuals. They get married and give birth to children. They children learn to live with their parents and one another. In this way they give rise to a family.
They all have their affairs which are not hidden from one another. All of them are known to be loyal to their family. It can be more ameliorated by the role of its members. It depends upon the members that either they are ameliorating the family or not. If they work smarter for the sake of family then it would be easy for them to take full advantage of family system otherwise they must spoil the originality and charm of a family. Members of a family have affiliations with one another and they represent their family.
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When a man was created, he was born alone. Then God created woman to join him as a partner. For regeneration God Almighty introduced system of childbirth. This procedure went on till family system, group system and later on society system was introduced. So far your question that what is a family can be narrated in the following manner.

The word family means a couple living with their elders and children in the same house and vicinity. They all have equal status and they enjoy all the facilities available in that house. Now we can split this system in two senses, real family and unreal family. Real family is that in which the members are sincere to each other, they love each other and they share joys and sufferings together as well as they face the hardships and troubles of life together.

Unreal family can be explained like this that though they live together in the same house yet they are not sincere to each other, they don't love each other, they don't share joys and sufferings with each other and also they don't face hardships and troubles together. So far your satisfaction I can say that the real family system, which I mentioned-above is the explanation of a family.
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A social unit living together can be named as family or people descended from a common ancestor can also be termed a family. These are very basic and generic definitions of family, but according to the facts, there is not a single definition of family. It actually depends on a group who is going to define it. A botanist will be having a different definition of family to the general definition of family.
The Anthropologists (A social scientist who specializes in anthropology) will define family as the culture's biological, the genetic and kinship or conjugal relationship regulations and patterns of mutual obligations (The social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force).
The definition of family, according to the "institutionalism", is a biological, an organic, pro creative and the child rearing constitution and emphasizes the biological association and relationship among the members of family.
Situationalists' focal point is the societal, educational, and cultural and the physical forces ahead of an individual's control that enforce the individuals to suppose family related behaviors.
According to the economists the consumption activities and production are considered while defining family; so according to this group family can be defined as the production and consumption unit.
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Family is simply a social community associated more closely than any other one. In this social community there are sharing of joys sorrows passions anger etc. There are many kinds of families such as single line which consists of only parents and children. But there may be group communities or families where all the people with blood relations stay under one roof. These kind of families share more emotions than former ones. They are mostly seen in India.
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When people live together n shares their emotions and when they knows each other completely and in the absence of anyone among themselves then they known as a family.
family is like a hand and in a hand an alone finger having no importance without his all fingers but when a finger is related to his all other fingers then these are known as A HAND so like a hand a man like a finger have no importance if he did not along with his all other family members he has no importance in a society when he has alone,he have no representative so in the rush of people he considered to be alone but when he accompanied and along with his family he has a great importance in specify because now he have an encouragement and a representative with him.

A person feels himself a blank,a useless to himself without a family but when a person has a family he feels a responsibility to himself,he got an aim in life when he has a family and as we all know that without any aim a man has no work and no responsibility to himself so in any ones life family has a great importance.
Family is a very important part of a man in his life.The members of the family shares their emotions,their secrets,their problems.their moment of joys and their moment of sorrows n much more and they feel theirselves uncompleted in the absence of anyone among all of them.
SO briefly we can say that A Family was.
A Family is and A Family will a very important part of a man's life.
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A family is the pillar of one's life. It's the basic need for all of us. Family helps to shape the personality of a person in every manner. It helps one to move to the right path of life, guides us, tell us what's right for you and what wrong. Family is like a blessing. It's a blessing which not all of us have. Family is a hand, which have individuals fingers but these fingers are unless if there are taken away from the hand. The same goes for humans, if we don't have a family then life is so much different and mostly you have to face the hardships of life, with none to guide or give you moral support.

A family stands up for you, gives you a helping hand whenever you need it. They will never move away from you when you need them the most. People don't understand the real worth of a family, but those who are all alone they really understand what the word family stands for. A family is not just about living together in the same house but it's about sharing all the sad and happy moments together and sharing all that you have, little or more. We should try and be thankful to our families for helping us achieve our goals. Cherish the moments you spend with your family.
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By definition, family is a fundamental group typically comprising of one or more children and parents. In this speedily modernizing world, there is a vague possibility that people might have long forgotten the true essence of the word "family".

For many of us, family is that social unit with whom we can share our thoughts; be it negative or positive. Family is that group with whom we can shed over all our worries and smile in the bosom of our families. If grandparents dwell with us in our abode, they surely add colors to our families. Grand moms are ever ready to tell stories of their past to their second or third generations.

When a husband return exhausted from his work late at night, he feels happy to go home and spend time with his children and wife.

In short, family is that blessing that makes you smile when you are distressed and downtrodden. It gives us courage and support when we need it most. It lends us a shoulder to cry upon. So all those people who have families respect them and care for them as having a family is a much-cherished bounty that only few people are sanctified from!
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As already noted above one definition of A Family is a group of people living together with a commonality of blood interest or affiliation binding them into a unit.  In this sense they usually have a concern for the welfare, growth and security of  all members of the unit.  There are too many non traditional types of families to try to categorize them into some particular ideal model.  With this basic definition of A Family it could even apply to animals living together with basic concern for the welfare of the group and individuals in the group.

Another definition of A Family is groupings of items with similar characteristics.  For instance in the electronics world all digital televisions can be said to be in the same family where all analog televisions can be part of a different family.  Different families of computers could be considered based on operating systems, processors or even types like portable versus desktop or even main frame computers.

I could go on and describe hundreds of different types of Families but I think I have made the point.
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Family:Family in a Libertarian free society will be an open, voluntary relationship based on the mutual and reciprocal benefits family participants receive from family membership. Family status will be recognized by general humanity, although general humanity will share little or no common agreement concerning the definition of family. Family will function to meet the needs of offspring created through the family, if not in the biological unit of conception, then in some other family created for the nurturing and rearing of children.
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A family is a group of people who all live together and are related in one way or another, even if it is not blood related they can still be family even through marriage people can still be in the same family.
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I agree with this answers. We can be called a family as we God's children. That is if you believe in God.
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In my opinion it is a group of people where the feelings matters and in my opinion it is the feelings that joins the is most important thing in life.
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Family,some will share blood ties others may is a group of people living or not living together
but value each other for their difference.Will be there for each other no matter the circumstance.families are no longer Mom Dad and children.Our world has changed,  and we must
go with the flow.
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Family= your relatives that may or may not care about you and are supposed to watch over you . They either neglect you are caress you.
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A family is a group of people living together, sharing values. Family consist of one or two parents and their children.Family is defined as a group of kin united by blood, marriage or adoption and who share common residence and assume rights and obligation with each other .

We can also say it is a social group in society which have long- term commitments. The first thing which comes to mind when we read word family is people who stays the closest in their relationships and physically as well. Family is about living together and sharing lives with each other. staying with each in thick and thin. Each and every member of family has its own responsibilities like as Father is the head of family, he makes sure that everything is working properly and his children are going to school, wife is having a comfortable life. Similarly wife has a great deal of responsibility that his husband is getting each and everything on time including her children as well. wife look after the children at home usually and husbands look after the outside world. When children grow up they do the same thing with their children and they also have a responsibility to look after their parents. A family is something which cannot be explain unless you live in it.

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