What Are Some Facts About Teen Pregnancy For An Informative Speech?


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Fact, that having a baby at such a young age, can be fatal to the mother who is not fully developed.
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To step outside the box, and to reach out to those in need, is what needs to happen.
Good morning fellow peers, my name is Nicole and today I am talking about teen pregnancy.
Although this topic may not apply to you or I, it is important for everyone to hear the importance of this issue. It is becoming more and more common for the younger girls between the ages of thirteen and seventeen to fall pregnant. When this happens it becomes a life changing experience, in which young teenagers need help. Some teens may not have the privilege of an understanding family, and this when the factor of being alone kick in. Being so young, the father of the baby tends not to stick around, leaving the mother to raise a child alone.
There are numerous ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy. To have the knowledge and to be safe before participating in sexual activity is the way to go.
The legal age to engage in sexual relations is sixteen. Some girls may not wait to be this age, whether it is because you are self willing, peer pressure or rape etc. The age and mind frame you, or I hold has a great deal of effect to this topic. If you are a young teen, and would not be able to care full time for another human bean, than maybe its time to think twice about engaging in sexual relations. If you are a much older teen, then maybe its time to get smart and stay safe.
Being in school or just simply being a teen can be hard, why take the chance in becoming a mum when you have your whole life ahead.

As a mother will say “abstinence is the key” maybe not in the long run but it’s a safe guideline to follow until you are old enough to make your own decisions.
(written for the purpose of a class speech)
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Only 3/4 of teenagers actually keep the baby. It is usually and unwanted pregnancy!
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Teen pregnancy is a serious thing. I am pregnant and I am only 13. If you are  pregnant you are going to have a lot of responsibilities, and you are going to have to grow up quickly. But if your not pregnant than all I have to  say is to not have sex. Wait until  your married. If you are going to have sex, than use protection,get birth control, and you and your partner should get tested. Because there are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases out there.
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4 out of 5 teen moms are said not to go to college and 2 out of 5 pregnant teens do not finish highschool!
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Facts on teenage pregency for a speech
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It is really hard I'm 16 wit two kids and I'm till in high school but I know I should have waited and I regret it every day but itz ma fault......
Just going to say finish school find the rite guy and have a fam... But if you is christian wait till you get married.....
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There's a research studies in the US Department of Health that a human body and brains are not fully developed until the near age of 25.  Logically teens brain and body was not fully developed.  So why should teens involved in a so called "sex" and get pregnant, and wanting to create a new body at their own body in which was not yet in full grown?  Girl at a young age, don't just spread your legs wide open! Have fear on the risk that your pelvic bone might damaged if you get pregnant...good luck!

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I think knowledge is power so it is better to know about it then to try and find all the answers yourself and end up with a baby don't you think? I would LOVE to know what you think about it.  Let me know 

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THESE APPLY TO MOST OF THEM:  They get abortions. The boyfriend leaves them. They don't finish high school or don't even go to highschool. They don't go to college. Their parents don't help them out so as a result They struggle to make money, get a job and or start a family.
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If a teen wants to have an abortion without their parents knowing, they must get 3 doctors concent to go ahead. If not then the parents must be informed.

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