On My Family Coat Of Arms, What Do The Colours And Symbols Mean?


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  Colours are easiest to explain.  These are the traditional interpretations of the various colours possible:

Gold: Generosity, mentally above earthly or selfish interests.
White or Silver: Sincerity, peace.
Blue: Truth, loyalty.
Green: Hope, fidelity in love, joy.
Red: Military strength and restraint, martyr, warrior.
Black: Grief or determination.
Purple: Sovereignty, royal majesty and justice.
Orange: Ambition.

  Burgundy or maroon: Patient and victorious in battle.

  All-over Patterns on the entire shield (small spots or bells) are meant to represent fur, and thus wealth and dignity.

  The shape of the lines on shields can suggest the elements (air, water, earth or fire), buildings or obstacles.  See examples.

  There are literally hundreds of other symbols that may appear on family coats of arms.  The most common are:

Acorn: Independence
Anchor: Salvation, hope
Battle-axe: Authority, military prowess
Calf: Patience, submissiveness, self-sacrifice
Cat: Liberty, vigilance, courage
Centaur: Virility, prowess in battle
Comb: Having resisted temptation
Crocodile: Fury, power
Eagle: Leadership, nobility, mastery
Falcon: Eager
Feathers: Mental calm
Fly: To ward off pests
Fox: Shrewdness
Harpy: Resistance to attack
Laurel: Peace, triumph
Lily: Purity, innocence
Lion: Valour
Mermaid: Sea-faring
Ostrich: Faith, contemplation
Ram or Staff: Authority
Tree: Age-old strength
Wolf: Valiant guardianship
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