How Do I Add Someone As A Friend On MSN Messenger?


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Msn messenger is an instant messaging service created by Microsoft with an aim of facilitating communication or chatting online. It has many applications depending on the use. For derivation of maximum benefits, one would for instance need to learn how to add someone as a friend of MSN messenger.

First, click on Find a contact icon positioned to the right of the search bar. This icon acts as a link to the next page. The page that follows gives you the chance to type in the information of the person you intend to add as a friend. This information includes mobile phone information, nicknames, their email address their instant messaging address is normally set as their email address. Upon filling in these fields, select the group in which you would want to place the friend in. This is done by clicking on the drop down arrow on the group box then selecting among the options given. Care should be taken when filling in the personal details of the person to avoid mistakes. This regards the phone number as the country or region is to be selected, such that the region’s code is input correctly.

Since this is mainly a social site, notes work among other details would be activated later as the account is used and updated with new information. Upon selecting and filling the mandatory fields, the add contact button on the lower right section should be clicked to add the person as a friend.

When setting up an account for Msn, the easiest way is to follow the prompt, which gives you the option to import contacts from other programs. If this option is taken, the people who have your email address will receive a notification of your invitation to join them in msn. Once they confirm affirmatively, then you would have them added to your msn messenger. Searching for the people to add using their email addresses or their names if they are subscribed to msn messenger is another way. To this end, using their email address is normally recommended since it offers a chance for easy access.
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It's very simple. First you need to have the  hotmail address of the person you want to add as a friend to your MSN Messsenger list. What you need to do is sign into your MSN and click the 'contacts' tab that is the second on the top right hand side of your MSN window. As you click on contacts a you get a drop down list on which the very first option reads 'Add a friend'. Simple click on it and you get this form with blank spaces which you need to fill in, in order to proceed. The top one says 'Instant Messaging Address'. You need to type your friend's address in this blank block. It is upto you whether to fill up the rest of the blanks or not, even if you do not you can simply click on 'Add contact' that is at the bottom of the page , on your right. This is all. Now your add request would be sent to your friend and as soon as he/ she approve it, they'll be added to your list. Good luck!
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MSN Messenger is still a very popular instant messaging service. It is available for free download from the MSN homepage and can also be used with your Hotmail address book.
Navigating yourself through MSN messenger is fairly easy and you will find most things self explanatory. I will guide you through how to add someone as your friend.

- Log into MSN Messenger using your email address and password.
- On the top left corner of the messenger box you should see a green button with a white + which says Add. Click on this.
- It will open a pop up box in a new window.
- Enter the email address of the person you would like to add and press Next.
- The next window will ask you if you want to send them an email to download msn. If you know they have it just click next.
- To add another click next or if that's it click Finish!

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Just go to the add icon on your messenger window, type in the email address of the person you want to add and a name you want that person to appear as on the screen. For example if the person's name is James, you could put Jam so what ever he says will be preceded by "Jam says". Not sure how to find people though.
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Me to I don't no what to do I'm 9 I don't no I got my friends is on msn I can't add thame
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If you don't have the latest MSN you should acquire it on:

I you do, on the Msn's main window, beside the search bar is a little grey man with a green plus, click it, enter your friend's email and you're done.

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Well there is a icon that has a green person and it has a plus sign on it, after that you write in the persons e-mail address and then if they accept you , you can talk online
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