Why Did Abraham Pass His Wife Off As His Sister And What Happened?


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Because he was a pimp that's why
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Abraham had taken his wife Sari, his nephew, Lot, and all of their possessions to move to the land of Canaan as God commanded.

God told him that Abram or later called Abraham would be blessed and his name will be great so he shall BE a blessing to others and that God would bless those that bless him and would curse those who curse him.

Most importantly, God said that in Abraham, all the families of the earth shall be blessed. It was clear that God knew and appreciate Abram because He knew that God was with him.

Abram, however, forgot that God was with him and take care of him and his loved ones. During a famine in the land, Abram went to Egypt with Sarai, his wife, a beautiful woman.

He feared that the Egyptians would kill him to take Sarai if they knew that she was his wife, so he called her his sister to the Egyptians. One Egyptian among Pharaoh's officials praised her beauty and took her to Pharaoh's house while others were taking care of Abram and giving him sheep and oxen and donkeys and camels.

To protect Sarai, the Lord sent a plague to the Pharaoh and his house, therefore, he called Abram and asked why he had lied about Sarai being his sister instead of the truth that she was his wife. He said that he would never have taken her as his wife if he had known. He told Abram to take her and leave immediately.

He had his soldiers escort Abram, Sarai and all that belonged to them to the border where he went to Negev taking Lot with him.

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