Can You Eat Watermelon While Breastfeeding?


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Watermelon is safe to consume while breast-feeding. The fruit contains a high volume of water and this is of benefit to the quality of the milk produced. There is a possibility that a baby may be intolerant to certain foods, although intolerance to watermelon is unusual. The best course of action would be to try and eat a small amount and check to see if the baby becomes irritable. Slowly raise the amount you eat each day and if no adverse reaction is visible then it is probably safe to continue eating it. Mothers should always check with a health professional before introducing any new foods into their diet while breast-feeding.

Breast-feeding mothers can normally eat whatever they like but certain foods may cause the baby to become irritated. Some foods cause colic in babies, and these include cabbage, onion, sprouts and certain types of chocolate. If the baby becomes irritable it is advisable to omit these foods from the diet whilst breast-feeding. Dairy products can cause an allergic reaction in some babies and it is advisable to speak to a doctor about the risks of leaving these out of your diet. Another food that may cause allergies to a baby during breast-feeding is peanuts. If there is an allergic reaction to peanuts, simply stop eating them whilst still breast-feeding.

Certain foods should be avoided until the final feed of the night. Alcohol and caffeine are the best example of this, and moderation should be key when consuming them. Herbal medicines are not safe for a baby to ingest, so these should be avoided entirely when breast-feeding.

Most fruits are actually beneficial to the breast milk as they are high in essential vitamins and the water content is high. If in any doubt about any aspect of breast-feeding a doctor should be consulted.

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