Who Said You Should Spray The Perfume Where You Want To Be Kissed?


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Coco Chanel has said that "You should put scent where you want to be kissed". This statement is very true and rightfully said. It is said that if you put the scent in the place where your lover kisses you, it increases the sense of intimacy in your lover. The love becomes more passionate and arises naturally and truly. It is also very important to see the level of perfume you apply on your body. Perfume is made out of alcohol so it evaporates quite fast. It is important to use sufficient amount of perfume if you think you are going to be out of the house for a long time and when you think you are going to sweat a lot. People who move around during the day usually put huge amounts of alcohol on their clothes. Perfume takes maximum effect when applied on skin rather than clothes because the skin will emit the scent much faster than clothes and also stay for a long time

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