Think About The Controversial Issues In Child Development: Nature And Nurture, Continuity And Discontinuity, Critical And Sensitive Periods, And Stability And Change. Is There One That Is More Correct Than The Other? Can You Think Of Examples To Support Each One?


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There is not one which is more correct than the other. Nurturing a child basically means how we bring that child up, what we teach it about the world.Children learn various things from us and that helps to shape them as they grow and develop. Nature is what our children are born with. They have their own ideas and their own abilities. We cannot change their talents and it is important not to try. We should nurture our children to believe in themselves and to do whatever it is that they are talented at doing.

So nature and nurture are equally important and if you look at the other choices of continuity and discontinuity, you will notice that they are equally as important too.

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