How Do You React To A Passive, Aggressive Person?


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You have to be assertive while dealing with an aggressive or a passive person. An aggressive person is like a tiger; ruthless, intimidating, rude, arrogant and overwhelming. A submissive or a passive person is like a sheep; meek, cowardly, under-confident and nervous. An assertive person is like a horse; resilient, friendly, confident, approachable and having a 'win-win' attitude.

While dealing with an aggressive person, you have to listen to him and patiently let him vent out his anger, frustration. Next you need to empathise with him. When he feels that you understand what he has been through, he will cool down. Immediately assure him that you will take charge of the situation. However it does not signify that you have to agree with everything that he says. What is wrong; is wrong, period. In this situation, you have to let him know why his point of thinking will deliver negative results. Offer him options, and show how each of them can benefit him. Devise a win-win approach or a middle path that will be helpful to you as well as him.

While dealing with a passive person, the most important thing that you have to do as an assertive person is to get him to talk. Motivate him to speak his mind. Let him know that you will not be able to give him the right answer unless he tells you everything without any feeling of insecurity. Again here too, you do not have to give in due to his meekness. You should call a spade, a spade but in a language that is firm, reassuring and clear.

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