Why Does My Toddler Vomit Slime?


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If you threw up all over your bed and the sofa, and then had to mop it up, you'd probably find your own effluent was pretty vile, too.

Presumably your child is puking because he's got a tummy bug. It's probably the stomach acids and slightly stewed toxins (from the tummy bug bacteria) that you find yourself over-exposed to, now. Mixed with mucus, of course, if he's running any sort of cold. That horrid yellow-lime green colour....

Be very careful. Treat everything he pukes on as contaminated by toxic waste. Wash all such puked-on items at 60 degrees or in semi-scalding water. Wash his hands frequently and whatever you do, do not share drinks or any hints of saliva with him (kiss his hair instead of his face for a few days). The rest of your family must treat him like he's carrying the plague. The only thing worse to catch off your kids than tummy bugs are head lice... er maybe. Kind of a hard call, that one.

Phone NHS direct for better advice than you can get here. I clear tummy bugs typically in about 4 hours, following this regime: Give him lots of water initially so that he pukes his poor tummy empty, then switch to a little sip of water every 5 minutes. Keep him on little sips of water until he's screaming for food and he'll get over the whole thing, sooner or later.
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"Slime" is generally the mucus from the stomach. Even if he can't keep anything down, HYDRATE and feed small amounts of jello and other soft substances. This prevents the vomit from being exclusively mucus. If he keeps vomiting just mucus he can end up with bigger problems as his stomach lining is then the next in line for destruction.

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