How To Console A Sick Person?


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The best way to console a sick person is to be there to help them in anyway possible. When you are with them, talk to them with low, caring voice. Ask them if there is anything that you do for them.

You help them with their activities of daily living. Bring their mail to them, complete some of their chores that they are unable to do such as cleaning up their house or living area. You can also organize and clean up the area around their bed. Open the window and put their cards, flowers and gift in an area where they will be easy to see for the sick person.

You can also read to the sick person. This is nice especially if they are not able to sit up and read. Everyone likes to hear a good story. If you do read, pick a positive and happy story to help raise their spirits.

Finally, you can buy them some gifts to make them feel better. These gifts can be flowers, lotions, bubble bath, pajamas, or anything that the sick person may enjoy.
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A lonely person is nearly always at their lowest ebb at night, so always try and visit at night time as well as any other time, because this is a time when they really need you. Try and ask the sick persons doctor to explain some things to you, if you are not family then there is only so much that the doctor can say but also ask him what the best things you can do. Remember Doctors are only human and they will give advice but if you don't ask for advice then how do the doctors know you need anyone.

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