What Is The Doctor's Response To The Combination Of Receiving The Information Of Charles Darnay Name Change And The Giving Of Lucie In Marriage?


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On the morning of Lucie's wedding, Charles tells Doctor Mannette that he is the nephew of the Marquis Evermonde.This is a dreadful blow to the doctor.even though he likes Charles, he is dismayed to find he is a French aristocrat and a blood relative of the people who locked him in the Bastille.Doctor Mannette attends the wedding and pretends to be happy, but he is actually feeling shocked.After the wedding, Lucie and Charles go to warwickshure on a honeymoon.Mr.Lorry and Ms.Pross stay with doctor Mannette to keep him company. The doctor goes into his room and begins making shoes, just as he did while imprisoned.Mr.Lorry finds him.the doctor looks as though he were back in the Bastille again.Mr.Lorry takes time off work to look after him.He tries to bring the doctor back to normal, but Doctor Mannette really believes he is gone back to prison again.he continues to make shoes and only stops when its too dark to see.He continues in this manner for nine days.On the morning of the tenth day,to the great relief of Mr. Lorry and Ms.Pross, he is back to normal.but he does not remember the cobbling phase and thinks his daughter was married yesterday.Mr. Lorry and Ms. Pross decide not to enlighten him.3 days later, the doctor goes to join Lucie and Charles.Mr. Lorry and Ms. Pross destroy his shoemaking bench so that the Doctor will never again be reminded of the time he spent imprisoned.

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