How Do I Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts For My Birthday?


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First of all, don’t worry about sounding rude. Parents and relatives might actually be relieved if you ask for money instead of gifts!

How Do I Ask For Money Instead Of Gifts?
If I were you, I’d say that I was saving up for something like a computer or a car. If you make it sound as if you need the money for something useful, it’s much less offensive than saying “I want the money because I don’t trust you to buy me something I’d like.”

Explain that you don’t have a job, you’re living on cornflakes, and you’d much rather have the money than receive another expensive but tasteless crystal ornament.

Will I Sound Rude If I Ask For Money Instead Of A Present?
I doubt it – not if you’re asking a parent or close relative. You'll only sound rude if you ask for money from someone who doesn't have to buy you anything.

As a general rule, if you'd say "oh, you shouldn't have!" to the person buying you a present, you shouldn't ask them for money.

As a mother of four teenagers, I can tell you it gets harder to buy gifts for your kids as they get older. Your parents might actually be relieved if you ask them for money instead of a gift.

The things that five-year-olds want are usually cheap and easy to come across – but if you try buying a present for a fifteen-year-old, that’s another different kettle of fish entirely!

Teenagers tend to want expensive electronic stuff, and this kind of thing can be really quite specialist.

I looked into getting my son a stereo system for his twentieth birthday, but I didn’t understand any of it – far too technical for me!  I gave him the money instead and he put it towards the one he wanted, which worked out best for both of us.
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Hmmm asking money instead of gifts is so rude. Why not let the person give what he wants as long as its coming from the bottom of his heart. The essence of giving has lost on that notion. I would not ask anything for a person, if he wants to give he will, anything. I

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Tell them that the best gift for a birthday is to give a gift that can buy exactly what you want.

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