Looks like being on lock down brought out the spamburgers again! What are you doing in the lock down? Anything special with the family?


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Counting our many blessings.  Amy and I are playing games and watching some good movies .... Laughing as much as possible.  Had Mexican food delivered last night and shared some cabernet.  This, too, will pass! 🙄

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My extended weekend off just started. I called the kids to see how everyone was holding up. So far so good. This gives me a chance to finish up some home projects that I already have material for. Also a good time to get started on making some Christmas gifts. The dogs seem to know I will be off work for a while. They look happy. LOL

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Still working my days away, so nothing special for me sadly

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Not really. Gives me a little more time to do my graphics work. I'm alone most of the anyways, so it hasn't been all that much different. Kids all live in different states but we've talked on Skype and on the phone.

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I have been the one getting supplies, not only for my house, but what my mother, or mother-in-law need. With limits on quantities this means I have to make multiple trips.

The worse part for me, is my mother is on daily chemo, which suppresses the immune system. So I can't give her a hug. 😥

How is your hubby doing? Thank God for the truckers running supplies.

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Yin And Yang
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You are the sweetest! Thank you so much my friend. He is doing well. After 2 months out he finally was able to come home. (We probably would have been okay letting him stay out a couple more weeks to help with the replenishing of supplies but our oldest ended up finding out... Her baby didn't have a heart beat at 8 weeks 😢 so he came home to be with us.) He will leave again in a week.
I was thinking about your mom, (I know it's not the same and you are so precious for all you do) maybe putting a hand written note in her mailbox (after hand sanitizer of course. Lol) or messenger video with her? A special 8x10 collage picture of memories? A card that is perfect and in between the lines or pictures on the card, write in little notes of memories she would understand/recognize (one of my favorites with my dad's cards.) Lol! OR I did this one once when Yang first started truck driving... I dressed my daughter's stuffed animal caterpillar up in Yang's clothes, put a 5x7 picture of his face over the caterpillars face and placed it on the couch for when she got home from school. She loved it! And she was able to hug it. Maybe a stuffed animal for your mom to hug until this thing is over? 😊

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