what do u think about this lady that let her son climb down into the gorilla cage in cincinatti zoo? they killed the gorilla should the mom be locked up?


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From what I understand on the news, the child didn't just fall into the gorilla pit. The child had to climb over a fence, go through bushes and actually make his way in to where he was able to get into the gorilla exhibit. I'm a bit torn on my opinion. If it were my child, of course I would want everything possibly done to bring my child back to me. But I have to admit, the very first response I had to this story was how this child was allowed to get away from his parents in the first place. The Silverback Gorilla is already an endangered species and to see one killed is a travesty. The whole thing never should have happened and could have been avoided.

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I think she should have to pay for the disposal of the animals body, the salary of the people who had to come to the rescue and the cost of the bullet used to kill the poor creature.  She should have been keeping a better eye on her child. It looked to me that while he may have been a bit rough, the gorilla was trying to protect the child. I am glad the little boy is ok, but she should have to pay.

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Not much

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