I have a fear of riding or driving on the 4 lane Interstate during bad weather, high winds, rain, or bad snow days. do I have the right now to ride with my boyfriend, if he insists on driving where I am fearful?


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Toni Pauze answered

You don’t need permission to ride with someone. That’s totally up to you.  

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Willie B. good answered

You don't have to ride with him if you don't want to, that's your choice not his.

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Are you talking about him not being insured on your car and you have him drive cuz you are too scared? Are you talking about him NOT having a license and drive because you are too "fearful?" The answer is no either way. Maybe you shouldn't be behind the wheel in the first place. Situations like that are bound to pop up and sometimes it's inevitable. Also you could always pull over in a safe place (truck stop, rest area, Wal-Mart parking lot, etc) and wait out the weather. (Best place is a place where a bunch of truck drivers are pulled over. There are more good ones then bad ones. Plus they would have better weather reports, better GPS, better quality emergency equipment in case of severe weather conditions where cell phones don't work, etc. They also have CB radios where they are able to get a hold of emergency services for you if you need.)

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You are asking if you have a right to ride with your boyfriend if he insists on driving where you are fearful.

Well, you don't have a "right" to ride with him, but if he is a licenced driver and has appropriate insurance---and if no one's permission is required for you to ride with him---then  asking him if you can ride with him would certainly be a reasonable request.

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Your question is worded a bit oddly.

"do I have the right now to ride with my boyfriend, if he insists on driving where I am fearful?"

Did you mean NOT to ride with him, instead of now to ride? Of course you have the right to not ride with him. He doesn't own you. And 8f he doesn't understand that you aren't going if he drives on the interstate, than you need to dump him. He doesn't respect you and your feelings.

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If you don't like driving or riding in a car on 4 lane Interstate when the weather is terrible than tell your boyfriend , like Willie said it's your choice i know i never go in any vehicle when the weather is terrible.

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